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Office pace: the basics

An essential quick-start guide to serviced offices

Serviced offices come in many different shapes and forms, from massive open-plan office lets in complexes costing millions of pounds a year to short-term lets for 1-4 people. Finding a genuine office bargain can be tricky and locating a reputable company to deal with can also be a bit of a minefield.

Perhaps the best way to locate the best office for you is to conduct the same kind of search that you would if you were looking for a home to live in. You should never go for the first office you find and you should compare prices meticulously in a particular region so that you know what good rates actually are.

Many office space companies are brokers who actually do the search for you – they tend to have a network of quality office providers and have unique relationships allowing them to get some of the best office deals available.

However, national office brokers may not be your only option – it is possible to do a search on this site to narrow the results down to your particular location and it may be worth checking local press, national newspapers and specialist property publications to find other companies (both brokers and direct, private office space owners) who may offer you some excellent office bargains.

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