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London serviced offices: a special case?

London office space essentials

When it comes to office space in the UK, by far the most complex area to deal with is London. This is for several reasons:

a) The main reason for this is the sheer quantity of businesses located in the capital – it can make finding a good location difficult, however, being England’s biggest city, the amount of office space in London is huge when compared to any other city in the UK. This is perhaps a good thing and a bad thing when you are looking for an office.

On one hand it means that the range of office options in London is quite bewildering and confusing, on the other hand it means that because there are so many options it is often easier than elsewhere to bag an office bargain. If dealing direct with office owners, it can be straightforward to cut a deal as businesses tend to have a lot of options and never have to settle for the wrong office.

b) The London effect means that searchers may have to spend longer looking for their serviced office in the capital than elsewhere. Nevertheless, this is not too much of a problem, because you can target your office search to your desired London location e.g. ‘Ealing serviced offices’, ‘Shoreditch serviced offices’ or whatever area you are looking for.

c) The prices for office space are generally higher, but no matter how hard you drive a bargain, this is perhaps inescapable. It means that you have to look around and compare, we hope this site can help!

We suggest these three results as starting points for London serviced offices.

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